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Needle felted cat faces by Unloved Animals


UPDATED December 18!

Four new cats
  • Orange sideburns cat - a bit like your odd uncle
  • Yellow haired cat - fluffy but unstable
  • Orange cat - pretends to be more normal than the others, but definitely isn't
  • Brown and Purple Cat - this cat looks deranged, and that's because it is. Complete with wispy Rockabilly sort of quiff.

These are needle felted cats based on an illustration by Ed Clews and handmade by Unloved Animals. They are one off pieces and once they're gone, they're gone.

They measure roughly 12cm high by 14cm wide-ish (depending on fluffyness).

*** Obligatory safety bit ***

This is not a toy - chew/suck on it at your own risk. It's made from natural wool so leave out of direct sunlight as it will fade over time.

  • Orange Sideburns Cat 1 left
  • Yellow Haired Cat 1 left
  • Orange Cat 1 left
  • Brown and Purple Cat 1 left