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Unloved Animals - needle felted illustrations


NEW! for October by Unloved Animals.

  • A Tarsier with curly wurly hair. A primate often mistaken for an aye aye (at least by Google Search), it spends its days hanging about on trees.
  • A Tapir with spangly beads. A pig like creature with a snuffly nose.


These are needle felted animals based on illustrations by Ed Clews and handmade by Unloved Animals. They are one-off pieces and once they're gone, they're gone.

These animals change every few months as new pieces come and go.

The tarsier measures roughly 12cm high by 16cm wide-ish.
The tapir measures roughly 10cm high by 16cm wide-ish.

*** Obligatory safety bit ***

These are not toys - chew/suck on it at your own risk. It's made from natural wool so leave out of direct sunlight as it will fade over time.

  • Tapir 2 left
  • Tarsier 2 left